e-Doctor IPTV GOLD Edition

 e-Doctor IPTV Gold Edition is the Official ads-Free

Edition of famous e-Doctor IPTV.


What's the main difference between Gold and Free Edition?

 - No annoying ads anymore (faster loading speeds and faster navigate through different categories)

 - No need to install any plugin for playlist (already built-in)

 - Adults Zone is now available through Main Menu (not needed to install different app anymore as free edition), just activate "I'm over 18 at settings".


 Note: Channels works the same way as Free edition (same playlists, same servers)



How I get e-Doctor IPTV Gold Edition? 

Gold Edition is working only under payment.

The charges for each package:







To get Gold Edition simply click below button and pay the amount

(€ depends the package) through paypal.











Be sure to add as note "GOLD EDITION" and your email address (like email@email.com) so I can contact you back (only for the first payment, for the rest payments simply write down your username). In the next 12 hours you will get a verification email by me just to be sure your email is correct. After your reply I will attach the e-Doctor IPTV Gold Edition apk with username & password in new email. Your account will activated instantly.


Note: Be sure you make the payment at least 1-2 days before expiration to avoid any interruptions.


Warning: Never spread your username and password, otherwise you are in danger get blocked without any warning.


Warning: Please be sure you try Free edition about 1 month prior order Gold Edition just to be sure you like this app (and learn how app works) and really want ads Free Edition. No refunds available for Gold Edition purchase, its your responsibility to try free Edition before buy subscription for Gold.




If you need any further assistance or any recommendation you can contact me.






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